Farmer & The Cook

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THE FARMER & THE COOK Katrina & Neil Conn started the business from scratch in September 2020. The idea of a Gourmet deli & fine food store was brought to life during the hard times associated with the drought, Fires and the Carona virus pandemic in East Gippsland, “Markets were shut down; people were isolated in their homes and food was deemed a necessity. There seemed to be a lack of gourmet Australian made food in the market and we wanted to change that. We set out to create that market fresh experience in an easy to access store here in Metung. We all turn to food to make us feel better and to indulge in gourmet delights is something we all deserve”. All these factors made opening the store in the middle of a nationwide pandemic the perfect time to start. The business stocks and sources the best products available locally and Australia wide. Local Products available are Tambo Gourmet Foods including Dukka, Spice blends and Herbal Teas, Local Handmade Chocolates by Exquisite Delights, Tambo Valley Honey, Snowy river Black Garlic range, Gippsland Jersey milk & butter, Organic Garlic, Free range Eggs from The Farmer & The Cook, Mac’s Chocolate Mousse (made in Metung) Lakes seafood where available, Nullamunjie olive oil and assorted local produce in season. * current at time of printing We are located at shop 3 / 50 Metung road, Metung Vic 3904 Phone: 03 5156 2867 email: TO PLACE YOUR ORDER PLEASE CONTACT: AT LEAST 2 DAYS NOTICE IS REQUIRED.

BREAKFAST PACKS 1. FARMERS FEAST – Crusty Vienna, butter portions, 1/2 doz free range eggs, 6 dry cured short cut bacon, 2 tomatoes, 2lt Gippsland jersey milk, Yarra Valley Muesli, Tambo Valley honey 160g, farmers union yoghurt x 2 160g, 2 bananas. $ 65.00 (pictured) 2. COOKS COMPANION – Vienna Loaf, Bacon rashers x 8, ½ dozen free range eggs, Butter portions, Tomato relish. $ 35.00 3. FARM FRESH – Yarra Valley date, walnut & chia seed muesli, Tambo Valley honey, 2 x 100g farmers union Greek yoghurt, 2lt Gippsland Jersey milk. $ 35.00 ADD ON’S AVAILABLE – Daylesford orange juice 300ml $4.50 Tambo Gourmet Foods Jam $8.00 Fresh Baked Vienna Loaf $9.00 Fresh baked Baguette white $2.50 Gippsland Jersey salted butter 150gm $9.00 Gippsland Jersey 2lt milk $5.00 1 dozen Farmer & The Cook eggs $7.50 Bananas or Apples each $1.50 Tambo Valley Honey 160g $7.95 Strawberries Fresh per punnet $5.00 Smoked Salmon $14.95

MEALS & PLATTERS SMALL GRAZING PLATTER * SUITABLE FOR 2 - 4 PEOPLE $65.00 Selection of cheeses (4-5) Roza’s gourmet dip, pickled onions, spiced gherkins, mixed olives, semi dried tomatoes, hand made salami assortment, prosciutto, strawberries and grapes, cheese spread and crackers. LARGE GRAZING PLATTER * SUITABLE FOR 4-8 PEOPLE $105.00 Selection of cheeses (4-5) Harris smoked salmon gourmet dip, pickled onions, spiced gherkins, mixed olives, semi dried tomatoes, handmade salami assortment, prosciutto, strawberries and grapes, cheese spreads, Roza’s GF crackers and Yarra Valley crackers. SEAFOOD PLATTER SUITABLE FOR 2-4 PEOPLE $125.00 ½ Australian Lobster, King tiger prawns, 1 doz oysters, smoked salmon, Roza’s seafood sauce and lemon. *seafood due to product availability may be substituted if product not available. PICNIC HAMPER SUITABLE FOR 2 $120 Narkoojee sparkling harriet, 2 disposable wine glasses, strawberries, yarra valley persian fetta, small mixed olives, rozas dip, artisian pita, 2 baguettes, smoked ham, tomato relish, macs chocolate mousse. SWEET TREATS PLATTER FOR 2 PEOPLE $50.00 Mac’s chocolate mousse x 2, Chocolate coated cherries, fresh strawberries, Random Harvest Chocolate dipping sauce.